Hey, there wife, mother, and queen! I'm so happy to meet you! I can see you through the screen - and that permanent makeup suits you perfectly!

I am really happy that we will have the opportunity to hang out and that you will get to know me better - because for the first few days I will not let you out of my sight. It's time for me to make it a little easier for you, you've been thinking about every little thing about work, home, and children (if you have them). This time I'm taking care of you - gently and lightly, but with attitude - enough so that you can take your foot off the gas, to begin with, and later that we can have crazy fun!

But first, let me tell you who you'll be spending your days with while you heal from the permanent makeup tattoo process. Hi - I'm Frida - a small but very effective cream that will help your permanent make-up to heal perfectly and last for a long time. I boast uncompromisingly, so it is not difficult for me to admit that I am a premium product, composed of only natural ingredients without the addition of any chemicals - which means that they can be adapted to any skin.

I was created through the collaboration of experts in the field of tattooing and pharmacy - which means that I was conceptualized in a tattoo studio, while I came to life in the hands of pharmacists who carefully thought out my ingredients and weighed the proportions so that I would be sufficiently oily and fast-absorbing - your unobtrusive companion but have the attitude. And after three years - here I am!

I know that you carefully choose who you let into your life - and I can promise you that I will be your friend who will cheer loudly for you to create a life exactly according to your standards - and now with permanent makeup - with more time for yourself! Are you ready to celebrate? If your answer is yes, leave me your address and I'll see you soon!